Energetically letting go of negative self-talk & MORE!

#1 - LIFE RESET 123© IS A SYSTEM & A PROCESS: When you consistently listen to Life Reset 123© audios and practice Life Reset 123 Tools© you increase your power to clear away the negative blocks that have stood in the way of your SUPERPOWERS... YOUR BIGGEST and BEST YOU! Those same blocks get in the way of what you really want.

#2 - LIFE RESETs© DISCHARGE OVER THE TOP EMOTIONS: Life Reset 123© one-on-one sessions, audios, group resets, and Life Reset 123 Tools© discharge negative emotional overload on a physical, emotional, mental, and electrical level in your Mind Body.

Let’s compare an emotional overload to a power surge in your bathroom. You know how your bathroom outlet shuts down when there is an abnormal surge of power? The outlet will not work until you press the RESET button. Once you RESET the outlet the normal flow of electricity returns.

We do not work well when we are overloaded with negative over the top emotional charges (Life Reset 123© uses a collective term called Noisy Negatives© or Noise© for short) that show up when we least expect it.

Noticing your increased discomfort being around a difficult person’s energy or having an emotional reaction after some disappointing news are both examples of Noise©. Both experiences can cause a sudden surge of uncomfortable emotions. I’m talking about the uncomfortable emotions that leave you feeling anxious, increase the tension in your body or cause the hair to raise on your back. Do you know what I mean?

Sometimes over the top emotional reactions feel like they are coming out of nowhere. You might say, “I don’t know what happened” or “That’s just not like me”.

Life Resets© are a great tool to help you discharge and RESET your energy immediately after you notice an uncomfortable surge of emotions. Life is so much easier when your vital connections throughout your physical, emotional, mental and electrical Mind Body are clear and functional.

#3 - LIFE RESETs© DELETE OUT PAST NEGATIVE LIFE EXPERIENCES: Past negative life experiences can block what you want in life. I know what it feels like to consciously think I have dealt with negative experiences and/or people from my past. I THINK I have totally let go of that experience.

Here’s the Truth. Negative subconscious memories are stored in multiple places that is sometimes referred to as layers. When the same negative experience reappears it seems like the same experience you have already dealt with. I feels like it is repeating itself. What you are actually experiencing is the next deepest layer of that same experience. Your body consistently unwinds the next most important layer next.

Life Resets© give you access to a quick deep more complete release or unwinding within the physical, emotional, mental and electrical systems of your Mind Body. That’s where Life Reset 123 Technology© is AMAZING! Multiple layers can be deleted out all the way down to the cellular level. Letting go of your past negative experiences can be let go once and for all.

Can you imagine starting with a fresh blank slate with your family, friendships, intimate relationship, career, income, happiness and MORE? AAAhhh… Yes, that is exactly what it feels like.

#4 - LIFE RESETS© CLEAR NEGATIVE ANCESTRAL ENERGIES: The Noisy Negatives© of ancestral energies can be affecting you. Clearing Ancestral Energies that are causing a negative impact on syour life is the foundation of Life Reset 123© system. You will experience some of the most powerful results when negative past ancestral thoughts, beliefs, conversations, and their life experiences from that era are cleared from your energy.

Have you ever played the game of “Gossip” or “Telephone”? We played this game all the time in Girl Scouts. We called it Gossip. First you sit in a circle. One person whispers a short statement in the ear of the person sitting next to them. That statement gets whispered into the ears of each person around the circle until the last person hears the statement. The last person then stands up to share what they heard.

Here is how it goes. The first person could say “The sky is blue”. The last person would then say what they heard was “Your dog ate my book”. Nonsensical, yes? It’s never ends up even being close to the original statement. Why play this game? It’s totally entertaining to hear the crazy sentences at the end.

Let’s compare the game of Gossip with ancestral conversations. Centuries and centuries ago your ancestors had certain conversations about men and women, family, money, power, survival, life/death, relationships and more. Do you think their view and experiences were anything close to what works best for you today? Not at all. You end up with this nonsensical and rather over the top emotional view of the world that didn’t even happen during your lifetime.

Your ancestors lived in a different time with very different needs and experiences. There was a tremendous amount trauma and barbaric events during their lifetimes. This negative ancestral experience and many other conversations can be energetically inherited. The conversation keeps getting whispered forward and in the end it is nonsensical.

The good news? Life Resets© very effectively and quickly delete the past negative ancestral thoughts, beliefs, conversations and life experiences physically, emotionally, mentally and electrically.

#5 - LIFE RESETs© MAKE LIFE EASIER: When the True You is not covered up with over the top emotions, negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences life is easier and more fun. Happiness shows up without even thinking about it. Clearing away the Noisy Negatives© uncovers your BIGGEST and BEST YOU!

#6 - LIFE RESETs© EXPAND THE RESULTS OF ANY PROGRAM YOU MAY BE IN: Courses, programs and college courses will be easier with the consistent practice of Life Resets©. I only wish I had been practicing this technology when I was in college. The 9 full-time years of over the top stress could have been discharged and college life would have been so much more enjoyable.

Knowing what college students go through, it’s a pure pleasure to bring Life Reset© technology to make students’ lives easier.

#7 - LIFE RESETs© INCREASE YOUR LAW OF ATTRACTION RESULTS: Are you someone who knows and practices Law of Attraction? Life Resets© will be your best friend. By clearing out the Noisy Negatives© you will expand your capacity to manifest like a Master quicker than ever. The keys to your Abundance and Prosperity doorway will be yours. Your Prosperity doorway will be wide open to everything you were Divinely meant to have.

WHAT’S THE TRUE SECRET? 1. Consistently practice everything you KNOW that works; 2. Add a powerful additional ingredient called Life Resets© to put you in the fast lane of manifesting exactly what you want.

My Life Reset 123© system is a part of everything I do: daily tools, audios, videos, ebooks, online courses, and one-on-one coaching. I am here to empower you with Life Reset 123© system and tools.

It’s up to you to “Be the Solution” in your own life. You have the power within you to make changes and create exactly what you want. Your foundation of strength, happiness and your experience of success will get deeper and bigger than ever with each Life Reset 123© you complete. Get ready for your greatest life ever! You are about to access your SUPERPOWERS... YOUR BIGGEST and BEST YOU!

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