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Healthy Body RESET Tips for Beginners & Beyond: Looking to make some changes in your health? Perhaps you were recently diagnosed with a label and it’s time to do something about it. How about starting strong a whole new wellness lifestyle? Here are 7 Wellness Lifestyle Tips to start your wellness quest today. Get ready to manifest your best health ever!

1 – Define your ‘Why’ for your New Wellness Lifestyle. Ask yourself these questions? If you had more energy, what would you be doing? What did you like to do in the past that you can’t right now because of being unhealthy? If you lost weight and/or felt lighter what could you do? Who is important in your life that wants you to be healthier? How would your relationship with the important people in your life change with better health?

2 – Add foods instead of taking them away. Don’t worry about removing all of your favorite foods right away. Start by adding healthy foods when you are hungry. When you make your first dietary changes it can be challenging to KNOW if you are truly hungry for awhile. Eating can become an automatic habitual response rather than acting on true hunger. When you feel hunger drink at least 8 ounces of water first. Wait about 20 minutes. Still hungry? Eat real food first. Your best choice would be some high quality protein or fresh fruits/vegetables. As you add more and more healthy foods your need for junk foods or unhealthy food choices will lesson.

3 – Eat fruits/vegetables rather than drink them. Juicing is a very popular today and it can certainly be effective in some cases. If given the choice between juice or whole I always choose my whole fruits and vegetables. I LOVE the whole experience with the crunching and the textures. You will be left much fuller and satisfied with the whole food. The other draw back of juicing is the amount of fruits/vegetables it takes to juice which increases you sodium and frutose (sugar) levels significantly. Practicing eating everything in moderation. You can still juice, but I recommend that you do not depend on it.

4 – Start moving from where you are. So what exactly does this mean? If you are someone who hasn’t been exercising for a long time you must start from where you are. Getting started is often the biggest hurdle of any new food or exercise program. If you are poorly conditioned at this point in time I recommend a 5 minute walk outside the house. Start with one 5 minute walk in a day. Over the next 4 weeks add 4 to 6 other 5 minute walks which will add up to your 20-30 minutes of exercise for the day.

5 – Replace 3 to 5 meals with a salad. Start to lighten your evening meals with a salad. Add 2-3 ounces of quality protein to support balancing your blood sugar levels. A GOOD CHOICE is to replace your evening meal with the salad, but your BEST CHOICE is to use all organic ingredients. Within a few weeks you will be amazing at how much more energy you have by making this one little change.

6 – Eat carbohydrates before 2 pm. There are so many opinions about carbohydrates. With all wellness lifestyle choices it’s most important you choose what works for you. If you eat carbohydrates too late in the day they will be difficult to digest and metabolize. If you choose to eat carbohydrates then eat them by 2 pm. You will notice another big shift in your energy and how well your body feels by supporting your carbohydrate metabolism in this way.

7 – Control sugar cravings with Gymnema. Do you sometimes find your “get up and go” is gone? When your blood sugar is out of balance it’s difficult to maintain your energy. Gymnema has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. It’s used to keep blood sugar levels within a normal range. In India it’s known as the “Sugar Destroyer” because it so successfully suppresses the taste for sugar. Got crazy sugar cravings? Gymnema is a great way to help decrease your sugar cravings.