Original Chiropractic

Chiropractic began with what most people think chiropractic is. The original adjustment in 1895 with D.D. Palmer (Founder of Chiropractic) involved a specific spinal corrections which involved a twist, turn and then a release which laypeople commonly refer to as a crack or pop.

Torque Release Technique

Torque Release Technique (TRT) is a subtle no twist no crack adjustment technique. You can totally relax and allow your body to unwind and tap into a whole new level of vitality.

The instrument used for TRT is called the integrator. Frequently patients see the integrator and quickly say, “Oh, I’ve had that done before and it didn’t work.” Then I place the integrator next to the activator. I ask, “Which instrument have you had?” The patient always looks a bit confused because they look very similar. They only thing these two instruments have in common is their silver color. The mechanics and the system of how each instrument works is quite different.

Torque Release Technique was founded out of a research study to disprove chiropractic. Approximately 70,000 Doctors of Chiropractic practice in the United States. A group of chiropractors out of that pool participated in this research study by giving traditional adjustments to patient subjects. The statistician was going crazy because he could not make consistent measurable results. The statistician asked Dr. Jay Holder (founder of TRT) if he could create an instrument to mimic hands. Dr. Holder thought about it and being the genius that he is the integrator was designed. The research studies were consistent and predictable with the integrator mimicking manual hand adjustments.

TRT is called a tonal technique which encompasses your entire body’s innate wisdom. The vibratory frequencies throughout your body is just part of the TRT picture. 

Your Body Is a Survival Machine

Your body’s primary goal is to survive. The survival mechanism of your body only cares if you have a heartbeat. Your body is not interested in whether you have pain. It doesn’t notice if your pain is intense or if you have just a little pain. Your bio-computer can have a positive response to resolve your pain if it is signaled or cued to do so.

Your body operates like a survival machine. Your body also knows how to compensate immediately after an injury. A perfect example is when you sprain your ankle. Your body automatically compensates by leaning away from the pain. Your eyes always want to be at horizon level. Your skull or cranium will automatically sync directly over your tailbone. When we lean away to avoid pain muscles may tighten and shorten. Every injury or illness you have experienced since birth creates a compensation in your body. As the compensatory twists and turns accumulate your body can be challenged with pain or lack of function. Multiple compensations throughout life show up as a high shoulder, twisted pelvis, a subtle limp and even a spine that has some extra abnormal curves.

Emotional or mental challenges can also cause compensations. Sounds like all bad news doesn’t it? It’s not.

Knowing those compensations are there is powerful. Better yet knowing how to reverse the compensations gives you a whole new body. Each TRT adjustment  reverses the most recent compensation. As the compensations reduce, your body taps into more and more vitality and energy.

How can you find your compensations?

One way is looking into a floor length mirror. Is one shoulder higher than the other? Is your head tilted or turned? If you can’t see your twists and turns ask someone else to look for you. Maybe your pelvic bone is twisted to the right or the left. Maybe your hips are at different heights. Every compensation has been installed into your body. It takes more energy to move your body through the day with all of those extra twists and turns.

Your body is really smart. Each compensation works well in the moment; however, as they increase they cause interferences to  your body’s best function, highest strength and vitality. Those same compensations get in the way of having your highest level of energy. The good news is there is a way to invite your body to reverse every compensation from the most recent to the oldest one.

TRT is based on a system that uses your body’s reflexes to determine the most important subluxation to adjust first. With your body’s reflexes we are able to identify the most important level to adjust. It is called a primary subluxation. By adjusting the primary subluxation we are able to reverse the compensations in your body starting the most recent one. One by one the TRT system allows your body to unwind or reverse every compensation that is twisted and turned into your system.