Last month an unexpected shock quickly filled my head with crazy negative thoughts. This moment reminded me how unpredictable life can be. My knee jerk reaction desperately tried to control the circumstances. The truth is certain things are out of my control.

Last year, my Mom lived in Colorado with me. She has been exceptionally vital until she had a minor auto accident a few months earlier. The accident was a wake up call. It was time for her to no longer drive. We actively got her involved in the Colorado senior community, but it didn’t work for her. Life wasn’t working for her. She didn’t like being this old and not driving any longer.

Mom’s posture changed rapidly in the weeks to follow. She spent long hours on the couch watching TV and rarely did anything she used to enjoy. Her head and spine started to hunch over. She lost interest in doing puzzles, playing the piano and taking her daily walks. I would ask what she did that day and she would just shrug her shoulders and say “Not much. I didn’t feel like doing anything.” This was not Mom. My once active mother was rapidly shriveling up right before my eyes. One specific day it became clear to me. Something had to change. She needed social contact with her peers and more activities. We found a great independent community in Illinois where we grew up. She lives in a beautiful two-bedroom apartment in that community. She has friends she talks to every day. Her kitty, Bella, is her furry side kick. I make frequent trips to see her, but I missed her 90th birthday in January due to weather challenges.

She was doing quite well the October before. My shock showed up 8 months later when I visited in June. The 90-year-old woman I saw was not Mom. I wanted my “old Mom” back. Mom also wanted the same. I struggled for several weeks until a friend made a simple statement. “She is still the same Mom inside that body.” It’s so life changing when certain words at a certain time from a certain person can be heard as brand new information. Those words instantly reset my mind.

My imagination is prime real estate for manifesting my fondest wishes. After my shock, my head was jammed up with everything I didn’t want regarding Mom. Is it challenging to witness aging in a loved one or even yourself? Absolutely! My friend’s simple statement reminded how powerful thoughts and words are. Manifesting a better life for my Mom and myself was not available with junk swirling around in my mind. When my mind reset, I started seeing and hearing the essence of my Mom again. I embraced everything her 90-year-old phase of life had to offer. That’s when the magic happened. When I started viewing my Mom differently, within days she was lighter and happier. I heard more laughter when we talked on the phone. She shared more about her friends and about being more active. My imagination shapes my world and everyone in it. Thoughts and words are powerful. I know to use them wisely.