A Mind Body Reset© is an energetic session based Dr. Debbie Thompson’s Life Reset 123 Technology©. Within a session there will be multiple negative physical, emotional, mental and electrical disruptions corrected to give you access to your BIGGEST and BEST YOU!

Think about how the power surge protector works in your bathroom. The outlet shuts down when there’s a sudden surge of energy. The outlet will not work until it is reset. Once the red reset button is pushed the flow of electricity starts again.

You are not much different than that. You are an electrical being who gets overloaded with interference and powerful surges in your system. You would have an overwhelming surge of emotions. What kind of emotions would that be? The type of emotions that cause the hair on your back to stand up. You could also have an over the top reaction that leaves you saying, “I don’t know what happened just now” or “That’s just not like me”.

A Mind Body Reset© resets your entire physical, emotional, mental and electrical systems to reconnect to your best health and well-being.

You can receive a Mind Body Reset© listening to Life Reset 123© audios, attending a group reset session or you can schedule a one-on-one email or phone session.