Happy Mind Healthy Body focuses on all ways to delete your negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and life patterns. This is a subscription based Facebook Group.


When disruptive negative energy clears you will match up or vibrate more and more to your ideal body. You will start living your forever wellness lifestyle with your happiest healthiest body ever!

This is the group to discover ways to end the up and down roller coaster ride of weight loss and/or fitness.

Each month you will receive Life Reset 123© Tools. You can use these tools in your daily life. You will be able to shift your physical, emotional, mental and electrical bodies consistently. What’s next? You will move beyond your past weight loss and/or fitness challenges and failures.

One of the most powerful ways to experience a Life Reset© is with a group. There is a life changing synergistic effect you have access to in a group that you cannot access as one person. After a group session, you will feel happier, lighter, refreshed and ready to take on your life in a brand new way.

Within the Happy Mind Healthy Body Facebook subscription group, you receive Remote Group Energy Life Resets© (2+/month) from Dr. Debbie Thompson. Dr. T uses her personally created Life Reset 123© Technology (1996) to assist the group to move faster towards their ideal body and permanent weight loss goal. Each session will delete out the next layer of negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and life patterns.

Get ready to experience less and less anxiety and challenges with your health overall and especially with creating your ideal body.

So happy to welcome to this life changing group! Dr. T