Animal Energy Whisper Facebook group gives you access to special care for your favorite pets and animals. This is a subscription based Facebook Group.


Energy work for your pet(s) is a great way to identify and correct various physical, emotional, mental and electrical interferences that may be causing energy disruptions within their health and well-being.

Within this group you get access to a sliding fee scale for Animal Energy Resets©.

Energetic disruptions can worsen many pet issues.

Here are a few of those issues: Abnormal Sleeping Eating Playing Behaviors, Aggression, Anxiety, Anxious, Biting, Bowel/Bladder Challenges, Depression, Destructive Chewing, Digestive Issues, Excessive Licking, Excessive Scratching, Fear of Being Abandoned, Fear of Objects, Food Guarding, History of Abuse, History of Fighting, History of Starving, Howling, Immunization Reaction, Jumpy, Less Playful, Nervous, Need to Dominate, Nipping, Pain to Touch, Pain with Movement, Personality Changes, Past Negative Experiences, Post Surgery Issues, Senior Challenges, Separation Anxiety , Shy/Fearful, Skittish, Sluggish, Sore, Stiff, Sudden Behavior Change, Terminally Illness, Veterinarian Visit Reaction, Stressed, Tail is Tucked, Throwing Up, Whining, Will Not Eat & many others.

Animal Energy Resets
© correct energetic disruptions.

Each month you will receive Life Reset 123© Tools to use for yourself and your pet. You can use these tools in your daily life.

One of the most powerful ways to experience a Life Reset© is with a group. There is a life changing synergistic effect accessed in a group that you cannot access otherwise.

Within the Animal Energy Whisperer Facebook subscription group, you receive Remote Animal Energy Resets© (2+/month) from Dr. Debbie Thompson. Dr. T uses her personally created Life Reset 123© Technology (1996) to assist all of the pets and animals associated with the group to reduce any and all disrtupions to their very best health and well being.

So happy to welcome you and your pet(s) to this life changing group! Dr. T