Sound familiar?

Doing all the right things & yet nothing changes

Struggling with the same challenges day after day

Striving for a better life & not sure how to make that happen

Feel lost, stuck or unclear about what’s next

Busy all the time yet getting nowhere

KNOW you have the potential to manifest more

Dabbling in the Law of Attraction & frustrated with your results

Following every manifesting law & rule perfectly & nothing new happens

Working REALLY HARD & KNOW there has to be an easier way


Miraculous YOU! can help you move beyond those challenges

Marta B - Spain

Better than ever! Simply Amazing!!! The session I had with Dr. Debbie is something I don't really know how to explain, but it was a life changing experience. Her voice is so powerful and healing. Hearing her gives you a comfort and POWER. Super Thankful to be working with her.
Marta B - Spain

Life Reset Coach© Dr. T will help you focus on your SECRET WEAPON!

Deleting out your unconscious negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations & actions

Cracking the Code & Why Facebook Group?

Cracking the Code

"Practicing as a Holistic Chiropractor in Seattle I wanted to move beyond chronic pain and symptoms. My patients would return over and over again with the same pain or symptom and I knew there had to be another way. My quest began to find the solution to end chronic cycles. My intuition expanded more and more and I was able to connect with the energy of people and animals. What did I discover? Multiple hidden unconscious physical, emotional, mental or electrical disruptions were keeping the chronic cycle in place and those disruptions can easily be cleared." Dr. T - Your Energy Doctor

How does MYou work?

Thoughts and words create things. Every thought and word shapes your life physically, emotionally, mentally and non-physically. Those same thoughts and words shape you all the way down to the cellular level. Using Life Reset 123© technology, Dr. T will teach you multiple tools you can use daily to create your personalized step by step system. The Life Reset 123© system will start deleting out negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and life patterns starting today! You will be included in the Monthly Group Remote Life Resets© each month. DISCLAIMER: "This is not psychology. I do not make medical claims. I do not focus on medical conditions. Consult your medical doctor for medically related conditions." Dr. T

LR sessions via EMAIL

EMAIL Life Resets© are part of your membership. There is an online scheduling system where you choose a day/time, make payment and fill out the required questionnaire. The day/time you choose is not literal. Your session request will be placed in a session pool for 'next in line'. Dr. Thompson completes each reset as soon as it is possible. You will receive a completion email. That email contains: session summary, invitation to share your session experience and a special offer. This offer is for you to receive a personal one-on-one PHONE Mind Body Reset© session. The special offer expires 30 days past your EMAIL reset completion date.

Why Facebook Group?

I created Miraculous YOU! Facebook group to give you a powerful access to reset your mind and end old repetitive negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and actions. I love introducing people to a whole new way to end their struggles and live bigger and happier than ever! Interference in your physical, emotional, mental and electrical energetic fields can get in the way of that. Each session clears multiple disruptions and gives you measurable results. Multiple sessions build onto each other to maximize your biggest quickest results. Group Life Resets are added to expand your results even more.

Sliding Fee Scale

The EMAIL Life Resets© are offered exclusively to MEMBERS ONLY via the sliding fee scale. The sliding fee scale offers a choice of session costs. You choose the cost that you have the ability to pay. If you have a friend who would also like to access the special sliding fee scale benefits please share the direct link this page or the Facebook group page link (shown below). The extra financial support gives access to Life Reset© sessions to those who would otherwise not be able to utilize these services at full cost. The ultimate goal is to give you a life changing opportunity as quickly as possible!

Dr. T throughout the years

Inside Miraculous YOU! Facebook Group:

√ Supportive positive private community conversations

√ DIY tools to delete limiting beliefs, thoughts & MORE

√ Monthly Group Remote Life Resets© (2+)

√ Access to a sliding fee scale for deeper one-one-one sessions

√ DIY ways to expand your MANIFESTING MASTER!

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