Beginning Until Now

Have you ever had something absolutely wonderful happen to you and it felt like magic when it did? I have known exactly what it is like to have wonderful things “happen to me” and the delight I felt in the moment when it they did.

As a child, I had an incredible natural instinct of “making things happen”. I didn’t know any other way. I thought everyone did what I did. I would play as a child with my horse and my dogs in 200 acres of wooded timber on our Illinois farm. I could never go too fast on my horse. There was never a tree I could not climb. Absolutely nothing stopped me from trying new things. My days were FULL of adventure, excitement and lots of play. I was a really happy kid.

My Little Debbie was born in 1953. She continues to be my ‘Happiness Guru’ today.

Reluctantly, I decided that my adult life experiences had more credibility than anything I knew as a child. Simple things became elusive for me to attain: great friends, a great relationship, a career that I loved and HAPPINESS. Happiness became such a mystery to experience. I fought with many noisy negatives about “life is a struggle” and “it was hard to get what I want”. There were times I felt “I will never get what I want”. Little did I know that my newly learned adult limiting beliefs were changing my perception of the world. Those same limiting beliefs were standing directly in the way of myself and what I wanted.

I attended chiropractic college in Portland, OR, graduated and moved to Seattle, WA in 1994. Being a new chiropractor and a woman owning a business added a whole new collection of noisy negatives in my head.

By 1996, I became frustrated and tired of the constant struggle in my life. I knew there had to be a better way not only for myself, but also for my patients who were struggling in many different ways also. I went on a quest to find the missing piece. I announced to the Universe or my Divine Source that I was ready for a change. People and new ideas started showing up around me.

As a chiropractic student, I was very analytic and factual with how I viewed life. It was quite uncomfortable when many types of energy work kept crossing my path. With time, I discovered that energy work was the missing piece to help myself and others access a whole new mindset.

During my life changing quest, I discovered my intuitive gifts. I often call myself a connective bridge between the physical and the non-physical worlds. I created my Life Reset 123© system which I use in person as well as remotely . My niece saw my biggest vision before I did. She named me Your Energy Doctor.

In 2001, I made a declaration to a group of friends who saw the biggest me also. Speaking the words was very uncomfortable then, but my friends cheered me on. They said “That’s it! That is YOU!”. Today I experience these words with everyone I am with including my Mom.

"Each and every person I meet will have a major transformation in their lives as a result of hearing my voice, feeling my touch or sensing my energy."

2001 Declaration
Dr. Debbie Thompson ∞ Your Energy Doctor

My intuitive energy work continues to expand. I now see my clients as the biggest expression they could possibly BE. They frequently state their experience with me is “Life Changing!”.

My intuitive abilities allow me to help you identify and discharge the noisy negative physical, emotional, mental and electrical blocks that have kept you from who you truly want to be.

I love helping others reprogram their mind body like a computer. You are a bio-computer that is ready to be reprogrammed for the best health, relationships, and prosperity that are possible.