Love maximizing your manifesting potential? So do I!

#1 - LISTEN CONSISTENTLY: Listening DAILY to Life Reset© audios will accelerate your life changing shifts. No worries if you miss a day. Focus on listening the next day.

Find the time of day that you will listen consistently. Make it a daily practice. Starting your day with a routine sets the tone for your entire day. You can play with this. Listen at different times and see what works best for you.

One great time to listen to your Life Reset© audio is at bedtime. Many use these audios to fall asleep faster. You will also end your day feeding your mind powerful positive messages.

Why is consistent listening so important? Habits or life patterns whether they are good or bad form deep grooves in the brain. The longer the pattern has been there the deeper the groove is.

Deep negative habits form deep grooves in your brain. We often refer to this as being stuck in a rut. Reprogramming the negative habits to positive ones takes consistency.

How long does it take to change a pattern or habit? A common conversation is “you can change a habit in 21 days”. In 2009, the University College London published research in the European Journal of Social Psychology. Their research demonstrated that the time it takes still is not clear cut. The average time is 66 days.

Commit to listening to your Daily Life Reset© (or one of the other many audios/videos) for at least 60 days.

For every negative life pattern there is a complete army of neurons firing together. That army of neurons is called a neural network. The neurons are triggered by an emotion which is quickly accompanied by a chemical rush or high. That chemical rush gives you the experience of feeling alive. This is called an emotional addiction.

All repetitive patterns have a neural network that is waiting to be fed with their next chemical fix. I call them Emotional Barflies©.

The emotional barflies might ask your Mind Body bartender something like this. “Where is my victim fix?”, “I haven’t had my anger chemical rush in a while. Where is it?” or “I need to have the rush of being right today. I need my fix and I’m going to find it.”. Interesting, yes? You will start looking for a negative life experience pattern because of the chemical rush that gives you that high of feeling alive.

Life Resets© are great for reprogramming your physical, emotional, mental and electrical systems of your Mind Body. Resets quickly discharge the over the top emotions that are attached to negative life patterns. The current lifetime and ancestral lifetimes of Noisy Negatives© will consistently release in layers. The more consistent Life Resets© are practiced the stronger your foundation for strength, happiness and your experience of success.

Do I need to listen daily for Life Resets© to work? No. You can listen daily if you want to accelerate and maximize your results. Daily listening is especially important when you first start listening to Life Reset 123© audios.

You will start to experience changes in how you feel and how you respond in life. You already know who and what is difficult. Keep your awareness wide open for any subtle changes in experiences with yourself and others. Collectively many subtle shifts accumulate for the most powerful shifts ever.

Use a journal to track your progress: The question to ask yourself each day is “What is different?”.  You can also ask this same question in the middle of a work experience or a relationship conversation. "What is different?" These words were chosen specifically to rewire the neural network. We do not have a deep groove for "different". Using these specific words you will automatically light up the pathways of brand new and different from what you have been experiencing.

Use a journal to make notes of the differences and celebrate all changes including the subtle ones. You can use the Life Reset Journal© that I created or create your own.

I call this level of observing your Life Reset Feedback Loop©. This is one of the many Life Reset Tools© you can use. This will help you measure your life results. It will also cause an additional expansion to your intention, focus and results.

When is it time to reduce listening days?

You will start to feel lighter and happier. You will struggle less with circumstances or people. Things you struggled with in the past will be easier to deal with. You can measure your progression with your Life Reset Feedback Loop©.

At this time, you can reduce your listening days. Start your days to 6, 5, 4 or less as you start feeling the positive shifts.

Another way to listen is when you feel inspired to. You could have a specific challenge surface. Each is a great way to listen to your Life Reset 123© audios. You will KNOW what the perfect listening schedule is for you when you reach that point.

ANOTHER REASON TO LISTEN DAILY: Listen more frequently to Life Resets© when you have a specific challenge you are dealing with or stress levels feel high. Daily and sometimes morning AND night will help lighten your stress levels until the challenging experience is complete.

#2 - SET AN INTENTION BEFORE EACH LIFE RESET SESSION: Before each session, write down an intention for our session. What is possible is endless. Start claiming what is Divinely yours. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want or need. Here are some intentions examples:

  • I want less _____ (stress, frustration, worry, tension, anxiety...).
  • I want more _____ (peace, satisfaction, love, fun, intimacy, money, success, adventure....
  • I want to expand my love for _____ (myself, family, relationship, community, world).
  • I want to be more confident and secure.
  • I want to increase my wealth of opportunities.
  • I want to be the best of who I was meant to be.
  • I want clarity of my purpose.
  • I want clarity for what's next for me.
  • I want to be more creative.

Directing your intention towards a recent emotional reaction is powerful! Here's what your intention might sound like:

  • I do not understand my reaction, but I choose to discharge the emotion and open the doorways for life being easier.

Practice writing intentions and asking for what you want. With your intention in place the Life Reset© will automatically focus on deleting out the negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and life experiences that are related to your intention.

#4 - LISTEN TO EACH SESSION WITH FRESH NEW EARS/EYES: Each time you begin your next Life Reset© session you are not the same person. Physically, emotionally, mentally and electrically you have been reprogrammed. Notice when you bring a repetitive focus to the same problem to each session. Use your journal to look at the bigger picture of that problem. What would your life look like without that problem? What would you be doing? What would you be able to BE, DO or HAVE? What does it mean to you to have this problem? If that problem did not exist what would you be doing differently? Consistently focus on bringing a fresh new beginning to each session.

#5 - UTILIZE DIFFERENT TYPES OF LIFE RESETS©: You may have started with the Daily Life Reset© free mp3 version with music. Just know there are other formats to experience Life Resets.

Here are just a few of the other Life Reset formats:

♦ No music version
♦ Video version with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping. You listen while following the tapping sequence on the video. I especially like this version because I can stand and move while completing this Life Reset©. Movement creates bigger neural network stimulation and changes.
♦ Increased tempo Life Reset© for driving down the road, working out, etc.
♦ Group Life Reset© (these can be live or remote without the need of attendance)
♦ EMAIL Life Reset© (done remotely)
♦ PHONE Life Reset© one-on-one session with Dr. T


Mp3s with a specific focus:

♦ Beyond Weight Loss


♦ Happy ON! Kit
♦ Beyond Weight Loss Jump Start (small group course)
♦ BE Connected
♦ BE Rock Star
♦ BE Peaceful
♦ BE Fit & Fabulous
♦ BE Youthful
♦ And more being added!

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#6 - EXPECT THE MIRACULOUS!: When I say you can turn your life around in quicker than you thought before that is what is truly possible. It takes practice to EXPECT good things to happen especially when there are multiple negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and experiences that are addictively trying to prove that good things do not happen.

You may need to silence and reprogram an emotional barfly or two before you naturally Expect the Miraculous!.

You are truly MAGNIFICANT! You are Divinely designed for good things and the happiness that goes with those good things. You will start with being hopeful. Trusting that this is the Truth will be next. The best part is when you start to EXPERIENCE more and more good things. Happiness starts to feel like a natural experience. Your experience is KNOWING it is the Truth.

I’m excited to hear about your results from the Life Reset 123© -> 3 Step Process. I welcome your personal emails of celebration or any comments you leave on Facebook.

Time for your brand new Life Adventure to begin!

The life changing intention of Life Reset 123© -> 3 Step Process is a part of everything I do: audios, videos, ebooks, online courses and one-on-one coaching. I am here to empower you with Life Reset 123© -> 3 Step Process and Life Reset 123© tools. It’s up to you to “Be the Solution” in your own life. With this 3 Step Process it will be so much easier.

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