Have you ever had something really wonderful happen and it felt like magic when it did? How about experiencing an instant attraction to someone special? Perhaps your business took a quantum leap in income or expansion? You could also be someone who received an unexpected large sum of money. All magical moments have one thing in common. They seem effortless when they happen.

As a child I effortlessly experienced magical days. I woke up every morning ready for a brand new adventure. I could never go too fast on my horse. There was never a tree I could not climb. Absolutely nothing stopped me from trying new things. My days were full of excitement and play!

My views of life started to change when school started. With every life experience I added more struggle. My free spirited adventurous child was quickly disappearing. Why? I started giving more credibility to others’ beliefs rather than the truth of my free spirited adventurous soul. I became more and more dissatisfied with myself, my friendships, my boyfriend, my career and so much more. Something as simple as happiness seemed so elusive and difficult to experience.

I would get frustrated about not being able to have what I wanted. I fought with why something so easy to experience as a child was now a struggle. I would often say “It’s hard to get what I want”. There were times I felt “I will never get what I want”. Little did I know that negative limiting thoughts, beliefs and conversations were covering up my free spirited adventurous playful soul. Those same noisy negatives had created an invisible wall that I could not get beyond.

I became a holistic chiropractor in 1993 at age 40. My life was full of accomplishments and experiences, but I became frustrated with constantly struggling with money, relationships and just being happy in 1996. I knew there had to be a better way for myself and my patients. My quest began to find the missing piece. I started filling my wellness tool bag with multiple ways to delete those noisy negatives. By discharging physical, emotional, mental and electrical blocks from this lifetime and ancestral lifetimes I started experiencing less and less struggle.

All of my life experiences have the best gift I could possibly receive. This include the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. That gift gave me the opportunity to discover how to use life struggles to expand my life bigger and better than ever.

Today my best adventures take me to the energetic playground with the intention of Magical Intuitive Play! There are multiple opportunities with myself and others to reprogram the Mind Body. This same playground allow for the brain neuroplasticity, DNA and every cell of the body to rewire and access the biggest and best life. My Life Reset 123© and Mind Body Reset© technology was born out of my new adventures. Life is malleable like clay and you are the sculptor. Expect the Miraculous!