Most of my life I have spent significant time being busy. My busyness was me working hard all the time to achieve my goals. There was one common theme that haunted me all the time. I was constantly trying to prove something to others. Significant amounts of energy went into proving that I was enough. Who was I really trying to prove this to? Myself. My need to prove created a constant battle between me and life. A battle that I would never win. My ego and mental self would prepare to conquer my goals. It was important that I did it right. The process of figuring out the right way could go on for weeks to months. Okay, sometimes I never figured it out. Making my goals happen looked like me obsessing over every moment of my day to the point of exhaustion. Guess what. Very rarely did my goals come to fruition.

Manifesting is like playing racquetball. Racquetball is a racket sport played with a hollow rubber ball on an indoor or outdoor court. The first time I played racquetball I was in my late twenties in the Air Force. Being athletic, I was out to conquer this sport. When it was my turn to hit the ball, I chased the ball around like a crazy cat hyped up on catnip. The secret to racquetball is if you wait in the middle of the court the little blue ball will come right back to you. Okay, waiting for something to come to me has not been my strong suit. Manifesting has been that way for me. Trying to conquer my goals and chase them down doesn’t work that great. Just like patiently waiting for the little blue ball I am learning to patiently wait for the Universe to magically deliver the most amazing gifts.

My first discovery was being happy right now. Seeing myself, people and circumstances were okay just the way they were and just the way they were not. I let go of my obsession for things to look different than they do right now. My perception of my body shifted. I was no longer dissatisfied with my body. My life was whole and complete with or without a relationship. The things that I thought I desperately needed lost their importance. Simplicity, peace and contentment were more important to me than anything else. Staying connected to my breath and being mindful throughout my day created the space for this whole new world. It’s magical when new business, a new friend or a new experience shows up totally unexpected. The Universe brings me surprises that I could have never imagined. Living my happy simple mindful life opens doorways that otherwise were closed. It’s easier and easier to wait in the middle of the Court of Life for the next amazing gift to come to me. The best part? There’s no battle, no fight and no struggle. Life gets bigger and better as I continue to hangout in my simple mindful life and share it with every person I meet.