3 Steps to a Life Reset!


The 1st step of Life Reset 123© is to DISCHARGE. It's time to discharge, let go of, erase and permanently delete negative thoughts, beliefs, conversations and life experiences.

Step 2 -> RESET!

The 2nd step of Life Reset 123© is RESET! You will start RESETTing, rewiring, reprogramming and recoding your physical, emotional, mental and electrical systems.

Step 3 -> Fire Up!

The 3rd step of Life Reset 123© is FIRE UP! Discharging can create empty spaces or voids where the negatives have been residing. It's time to FIRE UP and expand. This step takes care of starting brand new!

✨ What others are saying about Life Resets ✨

Amazing Life-Changing Experiences! ✨

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Kim S. Alaska

Sessions with Dr. Thompson are amazing, life-changing experiences. Even over the phone, the transformation is immediately obvious. Healing is followed by a sense of lightness and wee-being that shifts one's perspective about daily life. I highly recommend this modality to anyone who is looking to quickly and easily change difficult life patterns and challenges.

Simply Amazing! Powerful Healing ✨

Marta B. Spain

Simply Amazing!!! The session I had with Dr. Debbie are something I don't really know how to explain, but a life changing experience. Her voice is also very powerful healing. I don't know, hearing here gives you a comfort and POWER. Super Thankful to have been working with her.

Amazing Intuitiveness ✨

Bonnie N. Seattle

Amazing intuitiveness. The energy work she does is amazing! I’ve had a much more positive approach to how I frame my conversations with my husband and it really is making a difference. As always, I'm always impressed with Dr. Debbie's skills, gifts and abilities. The way that she sees and executes on her energy work is amazingly intuitive and insightful. Very happy to have her in my wheelhouse of tools to keep my life in order.

Fresh Start ✨

Laura N-N Hawaii

Fresh Start. I've experienced sessions with Dr T for a few months and have found it very helpful in getting through some rough times and helping me move forward.

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