Old injuries & scar tissue. There are four major reasons why foot pain symptoms show up at Life Reset Chiropractic in Loveland, CO (see all four major reasons ‘Foot pain – Chiropractic’). The third reason for foot pain is ‘Old Injuries & Scar Tissue’. Foot pain symptoms can begin after your have had foot injuries, ankle injuries, leg injuries or knee injuries.

Adhesions can cause pain. Adhesions or scar tissue builds up around old areas of injury in the foot and ankle resulting in foot pain symptoms, ankle pain and heel pain. The longer the foot pain is there your gait start to become abnormal. Next you can start experiencing knee pain, hip pain and low back pain. Adhesions or scar tissue (primarily made of collagen) is the best replacement the body has to offer once a muscle, ligament, tendon or skin has been damaged. The severity of an ankle sprain or strain can range from mild to severe. If the trauma and impact are forceful enough there can be a complete tear. Complete tears are managed with a primary care medical doctor who specializes in orthopedics.

Foot & ankle sports injuries. As chiropractors, we focus on foot and ankle sprains and strains that are not a surgical case. Microscopic tears to the muscle, ligament, tendon and/or skin happen at the time of a sports injuries, foot injuries and ankle injuries. Adhesions and scar tissue starts to form. It’s laid down rather haphazardly by the body. It even has a tendency to form in clumps and balls. An increased number of pain sensitive nerves are usually found around scar tissue. These nerves can be so sensitive that one can even predict a weather change when the barometric pressure shifts.

Foot pain and ankle pain is one way your body protects you. It senses that your foot and ankle are not operating normally. Pain keeps you from moving too far or too fast. Regular chiropractic adjusting to the joints increases the function of your past foot injuries and ankle injuries.

Excessive adhesions or scar tissue can also buildup around old fractures or surgical areas. Some scar tissue is more functional than other scar tissue. Chiropractic adjusting the joints of the foot and ankle clears out the scar tissue that stops normal joint movement. With chiropractic adjustments, you are able to maximize your foot and ankle function even after old injuries and scar tissue build-up.

Want to know more about scar tissue? Brett Spears, Physical Therapist does a great job with his article “Scar Tissue“.

Find a chiropractor who evaluates your whole body for neuromuscular nervous system dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustments directly to your feet in addition to your spine can enhance your body reversing the effects of compensation to past injuries and traumas.