Give up high heeled shoes? There are four main reasons why patients with foot pain show up at Life Reset Chiropractic (see ‘Foot pain – Chiropractic‘). This is an expansion on the fourth reason causing foot pain, ‘Unbalanced & Spasmed Muscles’. Muscles in the legs become imbalanced and painful for multiple reasons. Have you ever experienced sore feet after wearing a new pair of shoes or starting a new activity? I remember working in a retail clothing store in Dallas, TX in the early 70’s. I worked with a young lady who wore nothing but high heeled shoes. I asked if she ever had foot pain or leg pain. She said “No.” “I actually have pain if I don’t have my high heels on.” I wasn’t a chiropractor at the time. I wasn’t even thinking about being a chiropractor.

So which do your think supports your health & well-being the most? High heeled shoes or flat heeled shoes?  ANSWER:  Flat heeled shoes

Pain not wearing high heeled shoes I remember this being very puzzling to me. I honestly didn’t believe her when she said that she didn’t have any foot pain symptoms or leg pain. Now I know why she felt better wearing her high heels. The muscles in her legs had compensated for the high heels. The calf muscles (hamstrings) had permanently shortened in the backs of her legs. She would actually experience foot pain and leg pain without her high heels due to the sudden constant pull and stretch on her shortened leg muscles. Ladies don’t panic. You can still wear your high heels. My suggestion is to save them for special occasions or an occasional wear rather than everyday.

Tips to avoid foot pain

  • Begin new activities gradually
  • Buy shoes that support your feet
  • Wear shoes that match your activity (i.e. – runners = running shoes)
  • Rehab your feet/ankles after injuries, accidents or post-surgery
  • High heel wearers – ‘Occasional’ is the keyword

Once again, there are 4 main reasons why patients with foot pain come to Life Reset Chiropractic. Each of these 4 reasons can cause increased inflammation and irritation to the nerves, the joints and the muscles of your feet. The end result is you with foot and/or ankle pain. Other symptoms that may show up with your foot and ankle pain: numbness/tingling, lack of sensation, lack of strength, lack of function or lack of balance. Life Reset Chiropractic evaluates your whole body for chiropractic subluxations. Adjustments directly to your feet in addition to your spine will start to reverse the effects of compensation to past injuries and traumas.