Are you missing out on an active life?

Foot Pain Causes: Are you missing out on your dancing, playing with your kids or grand kids? Not able to walk regularly due to foot pain? Not enjoying life because of all of your aggravating foot pain symptoms? How did you get here? …you stand on your feet, you walk on those same feet and then you might try to stick them in a pair of shoes that don’t fit well and wonder why you have foot pain at the end of your day.

You have 62 joints in your legs & feet. Every joint has a specific job to do. Why is that important to you? Your feet and ankles give you the multiple movements for walking, running, dancing, kicking, hiking, biking, chasing after the kids. Your foot & leg muscles work all day long & they can get overused and tired… you can even get muscle spasms in your feet.

Foot pain stops active lifestyles. What happens next? Foot pain. In addition to foot pain patients can also have knee pain, hip pain, heel pain, fasciitis, ankle pain, calf muscle pain, leg muscle pain, foot cramps or sore feet. The more progressed foot pain cases will have sciatic pain and/or severe back pain

There are multiple causes of foot pain symptoms that can be easily be treated with chiropractic adjustments from your hips down to your feet. Some foot pain can be caused by injuries: sports injuries, ankle sprain and knee injuries. All of these foot pain caused can be helped with chiropractic adjustments. No need for surgery or other invasive treatments.

Feet are not commonly focused on by chiropractors but if you start looking you can find a chiropractor who will help you have happy pain-free feet again.