Do I have a chiropractic joint or muscle problem?

Dr. Debbie Thompson has been asked this puzzling question since 1994. Joints and muscles do a close dance with each other. No matter where the problem began the joint or muscle will quickly engage in the same pain issue. Best answer? Why not use both too accelerate reversing your chronic pain pattern as quickly as possible.

Ever experienced a shoulder injury? As your body adapts and compensates for the pain you may develop a frozen shoulder, a stiff neck, pain between shoulder blades. As it gets worse your can also start to experience elbow pain, arm muscle pain and numbness in fingers. Frozen shoulder is one of the more difficult conditions to reverse, but Dr. Debbie Thompson knows how to help you reverse that condition also.

Should I use ice or heat for pain relief?

General rule: Would you put a new ankle sprain in hot water? No. Hot water would blow the inflamed ankle up like a balloon. If you have a brand new injury then choose ice for sure. A good thing to do is take it for a test drive. You may not tolerate cold. If it is a new sports injury, shoulder injury, neck injury and you do not tolerate ice it is best not to put either on. Heat will make a new injury worst by increasing the swelling (edema) and inflammation.

There is an exception to ice on new injuries and heat on older pain. Sometimes you can have a chronic inflammation which responds best to ice. When in doubt always apply ice. An example of this would be a sciatic nerve pain that’s been there for several months to years. It keeps coming back over and over again. If you haven’t had good results with heat then try ice. It will do wonders on this particular condition.

How long will it take my pain to go away?

You will never hear the answer you are looking for. Know that your body does not respond like a circus animal. You want to hear: 1-2 adjustments Your body needs: pain cycle broken and past injury patterns reversed. The same body physiology that responds to exercise 3 times each week responds to regular consistent chiropractic adjustments until the issue has resolved.

Why can’t my body heal by itself?

Why chiropractic? Why can’t your body heal itself? Your body gets bombarded with physical, emotional, mental, chemical and environmental stressors. Over time the communication between the brain and the rest of the body gets scrambled and confused. The chiropractic adjustment resets your neuromuscular system to its highest function ever.

Will my 18 year old pain go away?

It is totally possible. Because your pain cycle has been in place for years it will take longer to reverse than 1-2 month old pain. There is a way to retrain your brain to body connection and how your neuromuscular system functions. There is a way to reset your old pain cycles once and for all.

Is chiropractic addictive?

Chiropractic addictive? Feeling good is addictive. Regular exercise ‘feels good’. Regular chiropractic ‘feels good’. Just like you have a choice to start or stop exercise you can choose to start or stop chiropractic. It’s the same physiology.