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Light force no twist no noise adjustments.

Subtle light force adjustments produce the quickest results. You can totally relax while receiving your Torque Release adjustment. You won’t be waiting with anticipation for the twist and the ‘cracking’ noise. 

The Torque Release Integrator is the ‘other silver instrument’. It is not an Activator which is what most are familiar with. The mechanics of an Integrator is totally different than an Activator.

Your body will be evaluated for the most important (primary) spinal area to be adjusted first. Your body gives specific signals. These signals are based on subtle physical reflexes. A complete testing protocol is used to determine each spinal level to be adjusted. One by one each most important (primary) issue is corrected with an instrument called an Integrator.

By adjusting the primary subluxations (rather than secondary or tertiary) your body will begin to reverse the effects of injuries, traumas, slips, falls, chemicals and environmental stressors you have adapted to throughout the years. The complete impact of each adjustment will integrate within the next 24-48 hours. Your body will naturally reverse the effects (retrace) of your physical and emotional stressors.

Why can’t my body heal by itself? Why chiropractic? Why can’t your body heal itself? Your body gets bombarded with physical, emotional, mental, chemical and environmental stressors. Over time the communication between the brain and the rest of the body gets scrambled and confused. The chiropractic adjustment resets your neuromuscular system to its highest function ever.