“I was attending college to become a physical therapist. I’ve always been very active since I was a child. During college I was running, biking, hiking and lifting weights. One morning I woke up with severe right low back, hip, leg and foot pain that took me to the floor. What scared me the most is I also had numbness and tingling all the way into my right foot and toes.

I did my best to make the pain go away. No success. I rested, iced, soaked and received lots of physical therapy. I even attempted to exercise, but there was just too much pain. I couldn’t get this awful constant chronic pain to go away.

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Fearfully, reluctantly and desperately I approached a female chiropractor at a health fair. She gently suggested that I come to her office. She said, “Let just see what we can do.” I hung onto the hope of her words. I didn’t know why, but I was going to see this chiropractor about my chronic pain. One week later I had the first break in my 9 month old chronic pain.

The pain didn’t disappear immediately. That really didn’t matter. It was so welcoming to feel less intense pain.

Nine months later I was pain-free and active again. It was such a relief! I even said ‘good-bye’ to horrible migraine headaches I had had since I was in 5th grade. During my chiropractic care I switched from studying physical therapy to becoming a chiropractor. I knew there would be someone just like me. There would be someone in chronic pain who had lost their active lifestyle. I knew was someone like me that was miserable and unhappy due to pain. I wanted to be the one to help that person.”

Gentle no twist no noise adjustments

“My care is about ‘less is better’. My chiropractic sessions are focused on subtle light force techniques. My primary chiropractic technique for evaluation and adjusting is Torque Release Technique (TRT).

I use a combination of chiropractic (spinal & extremity adjustments), trigger point therapy, massage, physical therapy, cold laser therapy, nutrition, exercise and others. All techniques are focused on increasing your body’s capacity to reset to its highest health possible.

So why can’t your body do this by itself? Why chiropractic? Your body gets bombarded with injuries, traumas, slips, falls, chemicals and environmental stressors throughout a lifetime. Over time the communication between the brain and the rest of the body gets scrambled and confused.”

Would you consider ignoring your car that was just in an accident? What if your car wasn’t repaired & realigned? Lots of abnormal wear & tear. Perhaps it would stop functioning. Just like your car your body functions better when it’s repaired & realigned.