Chronic pain… life or death? Whether you have chronic foot pain symptoms, knee pain, hip pain, neck shoulder pain, headaches or any other chronic pain there is a beginning to the chronic pain story. Your body is a survival mechanism. It only cares if you have a pulse. Your body only cares that you live rather than die. If you were freezing to death your body kicks in by maintaining your core temperature. If you are starving your body kicks in by not letting go of body weight. If there is a saber tooth tiger your body kicks in with extra blood to your arms and legs so you can escape rapidly.

Your body doesn’t care about pain. Your body does not respond the same way to chronic foot pain symptoms, hip pain, neck shoulder pain or headaches. Pain is not life threatening. So where does chronic pain begin and what can you do about it? Your body stores information like a big computer. Every slip, fall, trauma or illness is recorded and compensated for. Every car accident, sports injury, ankle sprain, back strain or head impact (concussion). Yes, even if you do not feel the pain from the original injury anymore. Adaptation and compensation leads to abnormal gait and abnormal movement patterns. Have you ever observed someone walking with a limp who doesn’t feel any pain? They are still compensating for a past pain.

Core stress builds up. Here’s a hip pain example. The body will lean away from a painful hip. Eyes will always want to remain at horizon level. The skull will want to be over the pelvis. Everything else will twist and turn to compensate and adapt for the painful gait. This is the beginning stages of uneven shoulders, uneven legs/hips and all of the abnormal twists and turns throughout your body. Multiple twists and turns = body pain = decreased energy = fatigue = less physical activity. Do you see how chronic pain starts to be more and more permanent?

Every health history tells a story about foot pain symptoms, neck and shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatic pain or back pain. There are many clues in the history that point to the reason why there is chronic pain in their body. The good news is that there is a way to reverse or unwind the past adaptations and compensations very effectively.

The most common results are: Increased energy, increased function, increased flexibility and of course reduction/elimination of chronic pain.