Choosing your chiropractor.

It’s possible after careful research the chiropractor you find or their technique doesn’t work for you. Don’t give up. Keep looking & researching. Many times I hear people say they “tried chiropractic and it didn’t work”. Those same people expect their body’s old chronic pain pattern to turn around with 1 to 2 adjustments. Unrealistic expectations will lead you straight to failure with resolving your headaches, foot pain, ankle pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, stiff neck,  sore muscles, back spasms, leg pain or any other chronic pain pattern.

Physiology needs time to respond.

Your physiology needs time to respond. Your physiology needs time to reverse a condition that’s been there for weeks and even years. The same physiology that responds to exercising 3 times each week responds to chiropractic the very same way. You wouldn’t expect to be totally physically fit with 1 to 2 trips to the gym would you? Of course not. That would be totally unrealistic and you know that.

Over 250 chiropractic techniques.

One to two chiropractic adjustments (no matter what technique) does not address a chronic pain condition that has been there for weeks or years. Remember how important it is to find the right chiropractor with the right technique for you? Your list of chiropractic resources to resolve your chronic pain starts with over 250+ different chiropractic techniques. For every technique there is a wide selection of chiropractors in your surrounding area doing many of these techniques. You have a large probability to resolve your chronic pain if you really want to. You can begin with a search of ‘chiropractor near me’, but do not limit your choices if you find someone a bit further away that offers exactly what you want and need. Your first chiropractic choice may not be your best final choice. Don’t give up. Keep looking until you find a chiropractor that meets your needs and wants. Give your body a chance to respond. If your body doesn’t have a gauge reading ‘low on pain-killer’ does it make sense to keep giving it pain killers? Your body’s best baseline is everything that supports its natural physiology. Chiropractic does that very well.

Your body LOVES chiropractic. When your nervous system energy flow is clear, strong & sending the correction information from your brain to every muscle, organ and gland in your body it’s amazing how your body starts to respond healthier & healthier everyday.

Brain needs to reconnect 100%.

Your body isn’t working 100% because your brain to body electrical signals are substandard. Chiropractic supports the normal function of your body. Chiropractic is an excellent choice to access your highest health and wellness. Your brain is like the power supply to your body. Every muscle, organ and gland needs the connection to your brain. Every muscle, organ and gland needs the normal electrical connection to your brain. Your body may be plugged into your brain and you feel your heart beating, but you may have a poor connection. You know what it’s like to have poor internet connection? It works, but it slow and there is very poor function. Chiropractic clears your nervous system path for high wellness. Chiropractic clears the abnormal signals from your brain to your body.

Initial commitment – 6 to 8 weeks.

In order to support a positive wellness change with your present physical condition commit to a minimum of 6-8 weeks of care. The normal healing process of human physiology has its ups and downs in the first few weeks. Look for a consistent ‘getting better and better’ overall. This would be a great time for your chiropractor to take the time to re-evaluate you and where you are to track your results. If there seems to be an unending series of adjustments without any progress or feedback about your goals you may want to re-evaluate your choice of chiropractors. Do not get lost in a series of adjustments that go on and on and on. Remember it’s always your choice. Is this working for you or not? If at anytime you are uncomfortable with your chiropractic care first communicate that to your doctor. If they don’t respond to your discomfort in a way that works for you then it may be time to start the process of finding a new chiropractor.

No one chiropractic technique is the best… they all work.

If the chiropractor you are interviewing claims to have the best and only technique or approach that works I would suggest you keep looking. Each chiropractor/technique works well with who it works well with. It’s most important that you find a chiropractor that is your perfect match.

Congratulations! You are an expert with choosing a chiropractor. Be sure to share these articles with a loved one or someone you know who is interested in addressing their chronic pain. Whether they have headaches, foot pain, ankle pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, stiff neck,  sore muscles, back spasms, leg pain or many other possible chronic pain patterns chiropractic is an excellent natural holistic approach. Thank you in advance for thinking about them and sharing this valuable information with them.