Finding your very best chiropractor can be challenging. Let me give you some simple steps to help you make your best choice!

I was an active runner, biker and hiker one day and my active lifestyle disappeared the next.

Chiropractic was the last choice for me. I had tried lots of physical therapy, massage, ice packs, hot packs and much more. My intense low back pain, buttock pain, hip pain, leg pain, foot pain and numbness/tingling all the way into my right foot lasted for 9 months solid.

How did find my best chiropractor?

Begin with a free office consultation.

Your best chiropractor will give you a Free Consultation. Meeting a chiropractor with no obligation is extremely valuable. Choosing someone you feel comfortable with will make a significant difference in your progress. Choose wisely.

The key words of the free consultation I want you to hear is NO OBLIGATION.

Notice if your no obligation free consultation goes into a heavy marketing campaign. Goal? Their focus is scheduling you for appointments for multiple months or an entire year.

My thoughts? Give me a bit of time to see what I’m investing in.

Pay attention.

Are they listening to you? Your best chiropractor will listen very intently.

Are they listening to your specific concerns with true interest? Your best chiropractor will.

Yes, listening is a basic skill. Is this chiropractor more focused on what’s next rather than your specific concerns?

Do you feel comfortable? Can you imagine yourself being well taken care of by this doctor? Does the location and hours work for you?

Ask important questions.

Sample questions you might ask:

  • What conditions do specialize or focus on?
  • What techniques do you use and why?
  • Do you use traditional chiropractic? (most common turn, twist & you will hear the poppling noise)
  • What additional techniques do you use?
  • Do you use instruments?
  • How often do you recommend physical therapy?
  • Do you give exercises to help me get better faster?
  • What do you know about cold laser therapy?
  • Do you incorporate massage, trigger point therapy or other muscle techniques?
  • Do they provide nutrition guidance that willl speed up my recovery and expand your wellness?

Ask the right money questions.

Insurance coverage questions for chiropractic never came up in the past.

People paid cash for chiropractic care without any question.

Now “Do you take insurance?” is a common question.

Know your body doesn’t have a clue what insurance is.
Your body just knows it needs help.

Hesitating on the financial health investment? Your best chiropractor has multiple financial options. Chiropractors are dedicated to you feeling your very best.

Ask what you options for payment is. Do they take cash, checks, credit cards and/or HSA (Health Savings Account) cards?

Interview several chiropractors.

Congratulations! At the end of several interview you have found your great chiropractor!

You clearly have chosen chiropractic as a valuable way to address your foot pain symptoms, neck pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain or many other possible chronic pain patterns naturally. Great job!

Your final step is to schedule your new patient visit. Every office is different. Life Reset Chiropractic’s first new patient appointment lasts one hour.

Get ready to receive a detailed neuromuscular examination and your first adjustment. All there is to do now is enjoy your new well-adjusted body!