Has your pet recently gone through a stressful experience?

Has your pet's behavior, playing or eating habits changed for no reason?

Does your pet seem overly tired, depressed or anxious?

Energetic disruptions worsen many issues

Abnormal Sleeping Eating Playing Behaviors, Aggression, Anxiety, Anxious, Biting, Bowel/Bladder Challenges, Depression, Destructive Chewing, Digestive Issues, Excessive Licking, Excessive Scratching, Fear of Being Abandoned, Fear of Objects, Food Guarding, History of Abuse, History of Fighting, History of Starving, Howling, Immunization Reaction, Jumpy, Less Playful, Nervous, Need to Dominate, Nipping, Pain to Touch, Pain with Movement, Personality Changes, Past Negative Experiences, Post Surgery Issues, Senior Challenges, Separation Anxiety , Shy/Fearful, Skittish, Sluggish, Sore, Stiff, Sudden Behavior Change, Terminally Illness, Veterinarian Visit Reaction, Stressed, Tail is Tucked, Throwing Up, Whining, Will Not Eat, OTHER


Animal Energy Resets© correct disruptions

What is an Animal Energy Reset©?

Began in 1996

Practicing as a Holistic Chiropractor in Seattle I wanted to move beyond chronic pain and symptoms. My patients would return over and over again with the same pain or symptom and I knew there had to be another way. My quest began to find the solution to end chronic cycles. My intuition expanded more and more and I was able to connect with the energy of people and animals. What did I discover? Multiple hidden unconscious physical, emotional, mental or electrical disruptions were keeping the chronic cycle in place. By connecting with the energy of the person or animal I became an amplifier or mirror to identify and clear the energetic blocks once and for all. Deleting the blocks ended the chronic cycles. I've always loved animals and this is such a wonderful way to provide for them!

What does it look like?

Imagine me as an amplifier or mirror when I connect with you and your pet for an Animal Energy Reset© . I do not have to be with you and your pet in order to do a reset. We do not have meet on the phone or a video conference. I am able to connect and identify the disruptive physical, emotional, mental and electrical energies. The disruption is channeled and cleared through the Highest Source energy. The Animal Energy Reset© transcends time or space similar to a prayer. With a prayful focused intention instantaneous results are possible. The energetic shift does not always happen instantly. There is usually a few days of integration for the maximum results of that session to fully manifest.

EMAIL Animal Energy Resets©

EMAIL Animal Energy Resets© are part of your membership. Online you are able to book, pay and fill out the required questionnaire about your pet. EMAIL appointments are not literal. Your session is placed in a session pool. Dr. Thompson completes the reset as soon as it is possible. You will receive a completion email.. That email contains: session summary, invitation to share your experiences and your pet's results and special 50% offer. This offer is for you to receive a personal one-on-one session for yourself. That offer is good for 30 days past your pet's reset. We share energy with our animals so their health and well-being depends and improves when our energy is cleared.

Why Facebook Group?

I LOVE hearing about the life changing results each time an Animal Energy Reset© takes place. Many more animals are waiting to be supported with this work in the world. The Facebook subscription group gives me a way to reach more animals and hear all of those amazing stories! Facebook is a great way to connect. With a paid subscription group I can offer you additional services monthly. Just one of the benefits you receive by being a member of the Animal Energy Whisperer Facebook group is the Sliding Fee Scale for one-on-one animal resets. The number of animals in need who can access this service will increase exponentially. That makes my heart feel extra good!

Sliding Fee Scale

The EMAIL Animal Energy Resets© are offered exclusively to MEMBERS ONLY via the sliding fee scale. The sliding fee scale offers a choice of session costs. You choose the cost that you have the ability to pay. This is a special subscription benefit for Animal Energy Whisperer Facebook group members only. If you have a friend who would also like to access the special sliding fee scale benefits please share the direct link this page or the Facebook group page link (shown below). The extra financial support gives access to Animal Energy Reset© sessions to those who would otherwise not be able to utilize these services at full cost. The ultimate goal is to give your pet significant life changing health and well-being changes right away!

Little Dr. Debbie


Learn DIY tools to reset you & your pet's energy

Group Remote Animal Energy Resets each month (2+)

Access to a sliding fee scale for deeper one-one-one sessions

Great Dane Lida's Reset

Our one-year old Great Dane, Lida, had her spay and tummy tack surgery a week ago. After the surgery we knew she would be groggy and tired, moving through the discomfort and pain from such an invasive surgery. But we were not expecting what we experienced. For the past week she had been overcome by fear - afraid of us, afraid of everyday objects, afraid of her toys and chew bones, triggered by all kinds of things on our walks that she'd never expressed anxiety about before, and would get very small - tight and compact - with her tail tucked between her legs and ears pulled back with any sudden movements and sounds. She seemed beyond "going through general recovery" and was showing signs of trauma. It's like we dropped off one dog and got back another. Since we are in St. Louis, Dr. Debbie Thompson worked on Lida through remote/ long-distance energy healing and chiropractic adjustment. Lida was extremely calm during the session and I could tell she was in a receptive mode. Dr. Thompson inquired into Lida's normal behavior, post-surgery behavior, as well as where she currently was after a couple reiki sessions with other practitioners - thus establishing a baseline for her work. She quickly tuned into Lida's problem areas - toxicity from the anesthesia and pain meds as well as her sympathetic nervous system being stuck. After some time working on her Dr. Thompson had me check Lida - moving around with her and offering her a chew bone that previously was triggering her (to tuck her tail and run into her kennel for safety). Atfer a few tries Lida accepted the chew bone and was loving it like she used to! It was the most wonderful thing to witness! She was coming back to herself so quickly. It was such a miracle! Dr. Thompson is incredibly kind, clear, and present. She truly cares and wants the absolute best well-being for our pets whom are the heart of any family. Thank you Dr. Thompson for your huge heart and healing gifts!!! You are the real deal and we would recommend you to anyone going through a similar experience. All our love and gratitude, The Olwigs, St. Louis - Jen Olwig, St. Louis
Great Dane Lida's Reset

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