Animal Energy Whisperer is a private subscription based Facebook group that offers remote animal energy clearings for those beautiful pets and animals that you love.

What can an Animal Energy Reset© help with?

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive Issues
  • Excessive Licking
  • Fearful
  • Immunization Reaction
  • Pain to Touch
  • Pain with Movement
  • Past Negative Experiences
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Jennifer Olwig St. Louis

Our one year old Great Dane, Lida, had her spay and tummy tack surgery a week ago. After the surgery we knew she would be groggy and tired, moving through the discomfort and pain from such an invasive surgery. But we were not expecting what we experienced. For the past week she had been overcome by fear – afraid of us, afraid of everyday objects, afraid of her toys and chew bones, triggered by all kinds of things on our walks that she’d never expressed anxiety about before, and would get very small – tight and compact – with her tail tucked between her legs and ears pulled back with any sudden movements and sounds. She seemed beyond “going through general recovery” and was showing signs of trauma. It’s like we dropped off one dog and got back another. Since we are in St. Louis, Dr. Debbie Thompson worked on Lida through remote/ long-distance energy healing and chiropractic adjustment. Lida was extremely calm during the session and I could tell she was in a receptive mode. Dr. Thompson inquired into Lida’s normal behavior, post-surgery behavior, as well as where she currently was after a couple reiki sessions with other practitioners – thus establishing a baseline for her work. She quickly tuned into Lida’s problem areas – toxicity from the anesthesia and pain meds as well as her sympathetic nervous system being stuck. After some time working on her Dr. Thompson had me check Lida – moving around with her and offering her a chew bone that previously was triggering her (to tuck her tail and run into her kennel for safety). Atfer a few tries Lida accepted the chew bone and was loving it like she used to! It was the most wonderful thing to witness! She was coming back to herself so quickly. It was such a miracle! Dr. Thompson is incredibly kind, clear, and present. She truly cares and wants the absolute best well-being for our pets whom are the heart of any family. Thank you Dr. Thompson for your huge heart and healing gifts!!! You are the real deal and we would recommend you to anyone going through a similar experience. All our love and gratitude, The Olwigs

Dr. Debbie has loved animals since she was a small child. Caring for these beautiful creatures is her passion and that shows up in the life changing energy work she offers.

What you receive inside the Animal Energy Whisperer group:

  • Monthly Complimentary Remote Animal Energy Group Resets (2+)
  • Access to a sliding fee scale system for one-on-one sessions
  • An extra special group for large rescue organizations
  • Sharing and support from an animal loving community

The remote energy work is based on Dr. Debbie Thompson’s Life Reset 123© Technology (26+ years holistic chiropractor).