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Are you sick & tired of feeling chronic headaches, neck pain, back pain, or foot pain?


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"Since 1993, I have had the honor and privilege to guide 1000's of chiropractic patients from chronic pain to less and less pain. With consistent chiropractic care many have said "good-bye" to their old chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and foot pain. I LOVE watching what is possible with the multiple ways I have discovered to cue and neurologically rewire the human body. My primary chiropractic adjusting technique is Torque Release Technique (TRT). I have learned over 15 different chiropractic adjusting techniques (there are 250+). I have witnessed the most permanent consistent results with TRT. I have multiple chronic pain busters in my treatment bag of tools. Putting together the right customized combination for each person makes the magic happen. I LOVE seeing the patient's smiles when their chronic pain disappears!

What might be different in your life if you no longer felt chronic pain? What new activities or sports might you try? Would you be able to hangout with friends and family in a new way? How about being able to play with your kids or grandkids?




Get ready to open the door to your ULTIMATE WELLNESS as I support you with PRIVATE CUSTOMIZED 30-MINUTE CHIROPRACTIC SESSIONS. I will guide you down your personalized healing journey to reverse the physical compensations your body has been holding onto from past injuries and traumas. Unwinding each compensation increases your body's function significantly. This type of response does not require a forever treatment plan. Your life will expand with higher levels of health, function, and energy. Sign-up for your FREE CHIROPRACTIC PHONE CONSULT to discover what might be possible for you." Dr. Debbie - Your Energy Doctor




Kim S.
Sessions with Dr. Thompson are amazing, life-changing experiences. Even over the phone, the transformation is immediately obvious. Healing is followed by a sense of lightness and well-being that shifts one's perspective about daily life. I highly recommend this modality to anyone who is looking to quickly and easily change difficult life patterns and challenges.

Kim S.


Marta B.
Simply Amazing!!! The session I had with Dr. Debbie are something I don't really know how to explain, but a life changing experience. Her voice is also very powerful healing. I don't know, hearing here gives you a comfort and POWER. Super Thankful to have been working with her.

Marta B.


Debbie D.
Great service and healing. I loved my session with Dr. Thompson this week. I was in need to be comforted and healing advise and she did all the above and not only met but exceeded my expectations!!

Debbie D.


Laurie L-N
Dr. Debbie is truly a woman of great gift and integrity. She is very clear about what her intentions are and is able to clear out so many of our life and ancestral pains. Just a few days after my last session, I feel lighter emotionally and physically. I have been able to handle what life throws at me with more grace and confidence. She is a lovely and effective individual.

Laurie L-N

Washington State

Loveland CO Chiropractor

Can Dr. Debbie help you?

Your Wellness Success Will Focus on 3 Keys

KEY #1 - Set an Intention

An intention is a proclamation of what you say is going to happen. The intentions you set throughout your life are critical to creating a bigger happier you! One or two words can set your intention. Examples would be: Love, Appreciation or Gratitude. Combining two words could be Passion and Community. I also use declarations which is my word for an expanded intention. A declaration powerfully describes a situation or experience. Here is an example: “Tonight I will sleep deeper than ever and wakeup totally refreshed and ready to start my day!”

KEY #2 - Be Consistent

The childhood story “The Hare & the Tortoise” is a great example of being consistent. I have to say being the hare sounds more exciting and sexier, but we know how that story goes. The tortoise wins due to his consistent slow but sure ways. Consistency is fueled by being willing to do whatever it takes. Consistency is not trying to be perfect. Consistently exercise one day 45 out of the next 52 weeks. I did this personally and I was shocked at the results. Remember when writing your Life Story your biggest happiest you LOVES consistency!

KEY #3 - Keep it Simple

If it’s long and complicated I will give up before beginning or never begin. Keeping it simple can look like taking a big project and breaking down into bite sized pieces. By practicing simple life changing practices every day, you will be a completely different person within months to weeks from now. Declaring a one-word intention at the beginning of your day has the power to completely change your day. Focusing on something as simple as your breath can signal your stress system to take an immediate break. Many miss this important key. Human beingness tends to think that simple isn’t big enough. It is. I repeat KEEP IT SIMPLE.

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