Are you looking for your athletic competitive edge?

Shoulder pain as a baseball player just doesn’t work. Especially when you are a pitcher. Hip pain sport injuries to the hip does not work for a high school football quarterback.

Minor mechanical and nervous system imbalances can cause shoulder pan. Minor pain is easily reversed.

Ignoring pain is never a good choice. You depend on your body as a vehicle to play your favorite sport. It’s important to keep your body healthy, balanced, strong and injury free. You want to play at your peak performance.

Alex G. and N.P. were supported by parents who understood the risks of not paying attention pain. Their results were fast! Alex G. went on to play his best baseball season ever! N.P. continued to play football injury-free through the season. He said that was unheard of before he received chiropractic adjustments for his hip pain.

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Continuing to play your sport of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, running or skiing with ongoing pain can turn into chronic pain or an overuse syndrome.

Chronic shoulder pain can develop into: bursitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, tendon/ligament tears, muscle strains/sprains and even lead to frozen shoulder.

Athletic injuries increase the more imbalanced your body is. Chronic shoulder neuromuscular issues easily turn into athletic injuries. Over time osteoarthritis can start to develop with mechanical and nervous system imbalances in the shoulder.

‘Working through’ the pain can set you up for dangerous instabilities that can lead to much bigger issues.


Thanks to Dr. Debbie I completed my first marathon

Can you imagine running with terrible hip pain for a marathon? Tammy L. could not either AND she discovered she didn’t have to.

“Dr. Thompson’s holistic approach encompassed not only chiropractics but also helped me understand how my body, mind and nutrition can all work together to enhance my health. Terrible hip pain… she taught me exercises as well as visualization and relaxation techniques. We discussed nutrition as well as vitamins and supplements that would optimize my health. Thanks to Dr. Debbie, I completed my first marathon.”

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Works with young athletes… better with athletics

Are you looking for a holistic female Loveland, CO chiropractor to work with your young athletes? Then look no more!

Just listen what one patient said:

“I love Dr. Debbie! She is one of a kind… intuitive… I can’t say enough about Dr. Thompson!”

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