Foot pain symptoms from past injuries.

There are four major reasons why patients with foot pain symptoms show up at Life Reset Chiropractic (see ‘Foot pain – Chiropractic‘). This blog post is an expansion on the second one involving foot pain, ‘Poor Foot Mechanics’. Your body is this amazing adapting machine. Your body doesn’t focus on resolving your latest pain. Your body doesn’t even care that you have chronic pain, muscle spasms or even sore feet. The main goal of your body is whether you live or die. It’s all about compensating and adapting for the latest foot injuries, ankle injuries, knee injuries, low back strain and staying alive.

Pain is not life threatening to the body; however, pain can drain the life right out of you. So how can you address your pain to create a permanent solution?

Injuries increase compensation patterns.

Chronic pain results from a collection of body changes (adaptations/compensations) from every slip, fall, injury, sports injury, car accident or trauma you have ever had from infancy to adult. Unless you intentionally do a body therapy to specifically reverse the effects of all of your foot injuries, ankle injuries, knee injuries, hip injuries and back injuries your body will mechanically adapt and change.

There are very specific ways to reverse these old chronic pain patterns which Dr. Debbie Thompson at Life Reset Chiropractic in Loveland, CO provides for you: Chiropractic, exercise and nutrition are all part of that chronic pain reversal to reverse the negative affects of injury.

Rehabilitation is key to reversing the effects of injuries & minimizing adaptations & poor foot/body mechanics. Chiropractic adjustments to the spine, feet, knees, hips, shoulders, etc. help to reset your normal joint movements & neurological connections.

The brain gets stuck in a pain pattern of information. Have you ever written a computer program or known someone who has? I was a computer science major at Colorado State University. A computer loop is when the same information shows up over and over again. The computer program never moves beyond the loop.

A computer loop creates a non-functioning program. Chronic pain loops around from the brain to the painful body part. It does not go away without re-programming it in some way.

Your feet mechanically change with the same adapting process. Foot pain can affect how you walk and how you walk is affected by foot pain. Your walk and posture changes to adapt for injury.

Have you ever noticed someone with a limp due to pain? Immediately after a limp begins the feet start to adapt and change. This change can happen by using crutches temporarily or wearing a therapeutic boot on one foot for several days to weeks. Your whole body starts adapting and compensating. Foot mechanics become abnormal. The result can be foot and/or ankle pain.

If your car is not realigned after an accident would you expect the tires to wear normally. Hip & knee joints are like the tires on your car. One they are balanced out there is less wear & tear. You have far less chances of needing a knee or hip replacement.

A subluxation is the mechanical combination of abnormal joint movement, irritated nerves and imbalanced muscles. Muscles that are imbalanced cause abnormal biochemical changes. Subluxations can also contain chemical imbalances or irritations.

Life Reset Chiropractic evaluates your whole body for abnormal joint function or called subluxations in chiropractic alternative medicine. Adjustments directly to your feet in addition to your spine will start to reverse the effects of compensation to sports injuries, car accidents, concussions and traumas.

Dr. Thompson talks about two other common reasons foot pain shows up in other Life Reset Chiropractic blog posts.

You may start with neck & shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatic nerve pain,
foot pain symptoms, ankle pain, arm muscle pain or any other chronic pain…

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