equine chiropractic, animal chiropractic, animal care, Loveland CO holistic chiropractor, animal behavior issuesRemarkable equine chiropractic therapy story. “One of my most remarkable chiropractic miracle stories was with a horse. I’ve been adjusting horses, dogs and cats for most of my years of being a chiropractor (since 1994). I remember this phone call so clearly like it was yesterday. The owner told me that her horse would only turn in one direction, but not the other. I said, “Now that is a problem isn’t it?” Of course she agreed. She asked if I could help and I answered her quite honestly. “We won’t know until we try”. She was attempting to train her horse for a dressage competition. It wasn’t going well and she had become quite frustrated.

One chest muscle was completely flat. When I got to the stables I asked the owner to walk the horse so I could watch for anything unusual in the horse’s gait. Nothing stood out. Next I evaluated the horse’s conformation (same as posture in a human being). When standing in front of the horse I noticed something very strange. The left and right chest muscles were not the same size. In fact, the right chest muscle was flat as a pancake while the left chest muscle look totally normal. I asked the owner if she had ever noticed this. She said ‘No’. She also said, “Isn’t that weird?”. I had to totally agreed that is was quite weird.

 Let’s see what happens… She then asked me, “What do we do?” I said, “Well, we aren’t going to send your horse to the horsey gym”. I smiled as I held up my activator. “I’m a chiropractor and I’m here for a reason. Let’s see what happens after I adjust your horse.” The activator is the primary chiropractic adjusting instrument I have always used on horses, dogs and cats. Video taping wasn’t as popular and accessible as it is now. I still don’t think I would have taped it because I had no idea what was about to happen. In the few minutes it took me to adjust this horse from head to tail, do a tail pull and finish with adjusting his hind and forelegs something astonishing happened. The owner and I walked to the front of the horse and watched the ‘flat as a pancake’ muscle fill up just like a balloon. The end result was totally equal chest muscles on her horse.

We were both saying, “Oh my G__! What just happened?”

I started to quiz the horse owner to make sure she understood what just happened. I KNEW what happened, but I wanted her to understand. She gave me several logical answers like “the blood flow increased” which I totally agreed with. She kept giving me more rather logical answers. I finally said, “What was the ONLY physical change that took place in these past few minutes?” The only change that had taken place was the chiropractic adjustment. The brain was not connected to the ‘flat as a pancake’ muscle before the adjustment. The muscle didn’t have a clue what to do without the information flowing from the brain.

She turned the horse out into the arena. He ran around like a very happy energetic horse. He turned both directions. His finale was when he ran right towards us and stopped right in front of me. He gave me the biggest head nuzzle you can imagine. He then took off and kicked up his heels like he was having an amazing time!

I really got how important the brain flow of information was to muscles that day. You can exercise all you want, but if your brain to body connection to your muscles are not maximized you will not get the same results.” Dr. Debbie Thompson

Dr. Debbie Thompson uses Torque Release adjustments (no twist no crack adjustments), massage, cold laser therapy and physical therapy techniques in her people practice.

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