equine chiropractic, animal chiropractic, animal care, Loveland CO holistic chiropractor, animal behavior issuesI’ve been in a chiropractic clinical setting since 1993. As a small child I’ve always had a beautiful sweet connection with horses and all animalsMy biggest dream during chiropractic college was to work on horses full-time. I’ve completed 1000’s of equine chiropractic adjustments, but this video inspires me to go to a whole new level of healing with the help of horses.

One of our animals’ purposes with us is to be there for us for healing our hearts, our minds and our world. The healing you can experiences in the energy of a horse is like no other.

In 1994, I named my Seattle chiropractic practice ‘Free Spirit Chiropractic’. It was named after the feeling I experienced riding my horse as a child. I wanted that feeling of freedom to be experienced by each and every one of my patients.

In the year 2000, I announced to the Universe that I NOW adjust horses. It’s been a remarkable journey since. Horses have taught me SO MUCH about chiropractic and what is truly possible by tapping into that beautiful Life Force we were born with.


Horses have AMAZING HEALING ENERGY! This video exemplified all of the miraculous experiences I have had with horses.

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