Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction. Sean was a 16 year old soccer player who was very passionate about his game. Everyone in his family were soccer players. Sean had played soccer since he was old enough to kick a ball. Sean’s first complaint was an acute turf toe which is common to soccer players. Simply put it’s a big toe sprain that happens when athletes play on artificial turf. Artificial turf doesn’t give when an athlete takes off to sprint. The big toe hyper-extends and the ligaments are injured. Sean’s turf toe cleared out within a couple weeks. He was also experiencing severe chronic right hip pain that caused him to hobble off the soccer field after every game. He would spend the entire nursing his pain to get ready for the next day. The next soccer game the chronic hip pain would return and he would hobble off the field again. Like any other athlete Sean had a history of multiple sports injuries: concussions, shoulder injuries, hip injuries, knee injuries, foot injuries and ankle injuries. He had had numerous ankle sprains to both feet. His chiropractic care plan started with chiropractic adjustments to every joint that had abnormal movement: feet, ankles, toes, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands and his complete spine. The unexpected joint that was adjusted and totally cleared out the chronic hip pain was the symphysis pubic joint. Sean had a Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction. This joint is critical to adjust when it is the root cause of low back pain or hip pain. Sean’s next soccer game and every game to follow he walked off the soccer field pain-free and played better than ever.

Football athlete hip pain. This chronic hip pain story is about a high school football player named Nick. Nick had been playing football for several years. He had many sports injuries from being a football quarterback. He had had many head injuries and ankle injuries. This time he had had an injury that left him with hip pain that was getting in the way of his very best football game. He had an additional concern because he wanted to be on the field as much as possible so the college football scouts would be able to notice him. This is definitely not the time for pain and being on the bench. Not only did Nick’s hip pain disappear, but he also stated that he had not had any further foot injuries, ankle injuries or knee injuries in the current season. I asked if that was unusual. He said absolutely. He was usually always addressing some type of injury and this year he had had no additional sports injuries while having consistent weekly chiropractic adjustments.

Baseball pitcher shoulder pain. The worst thing that can happen to a young baseball pitcher is an injury in the high time of his season. Matt complained about having right shoulder pain. His father was really concerned because Matt was focused on being scouted for college baseball. Matt was a truly gifted athlete. His pitching was exceptional. This was a scary moment because he was unable to practice due to his shoulder pain. He didn’t remember a specific sports injury, but from pitching his shoulder was in need of help. Matt received a complete neuromuscular examination with a specific examination of his shoulder. All major medical shoulder issues that might involved the rotator cuff muscles were ruled out. His chiropractic care plan was frequent at first in order to reverse the muscle spasms and joint dysfunctions that were causing the shoulder pain. In addition to shoulder pain we also addressed arm muscle pain and elbow pain. Within a few short weeks the shoulder pain ended and Matt played his best baseball season ever. After the shoulder pain was gone he continued his chiropractic care plan weekly through his baseball season to reduce his injuries and increase his athletic performance. He LOVES his chiropractic adjustments!

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