Screen over the phone firstSave your time by getting some of your initial questions answered over the phone. Decide what are ‘deal breaking’ questions for you and ask those questions when making your phone calls. If you are looking for subtle gentle techniques that do not involve the ‘noise’ then ask if they provide that type of care. If you’ve had a work or auto injury be sure to ask the office if they accept injury cases.

When searching for a new dentist in Seattle my ‘deal breaking’ question was “Do you specialize exclusively in amalgum-free dentistry?” If they said ANYTHING other than ‘Yes’ I went on to the next phone call to the next office.

If you are at this stage it won’t be long and you’ll have your chiropractic appointment to address your foot or ankle pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain or many other possible chronic pain patterns you have been experiencing.

The articles that follow will help you find a chiropractor that matches your goals and needs.

You may start with neck & shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatic nerve pain,
foot pain symptoms, ankle pain, arm muscle pain or any other chronic pain…

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